TICL Program

The Training in Interaction, Communication and Literacy (TICL) Enhancement program works with teachers, early childhood professionals (ECPs) and families to support talking, listening, reading and writing for all children.

The program was developed and is currently being implemented by BCRG speech pathologists in partnership with The University of Sydney.

Who is the TICL Enhancement program for?

Teachers and early childhood professionals

What does the program involve?

The TICL program has received the ZEST Highly Commended Award 2013 www.zestawards.com.au

How can you find out more?

Primary schools, child care centres or supported playgroups that are interested in participating in the program please contact the BCRG Team on 9791 0632 or 9796 7315.

Conference Presentations

August 2008 – Paper presented at the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies Conference 2008 (ACWA). “Why Wait – A Productive Model of partnership between a Child & Family Support Service and Allied Health Professionals in the Real World of “Waiting Lists”. This conference presentation discussed the partnership model between BCRG speech pathologists with The Benevolent Society’s ‘Brighter Futures’ program.

May 2009 – Paper presented at The Speech Pathology Australia Conference, Adelaide. “We have the skills, we want them recognized”: The skills audit: A tool for assessing and measuring change in the skills of child care workers in communication and literacy. El – Chouefaiti, N., McCabe, P., Purcell, A., Munro, N. & Galea, R.

May 2010 – Paper presented at the Speech Pathology Australia Annual National Conference ,Melbourne. The Long Term Effectiveness of a Child Care Centre Based Language and Pre-Literacy Training Program. Hodges, R., McCabe, P., Munro, N., El – Choueifaiti, N., Galea, R., & Purcell, A.

May 2010 – Paper presented at Early Childhood Intervention Association National Conference,Canberra. “An Insight into Onsite Childcare Worker Training.  El – Chouefaiti, N., McCabe, P., Purcell, A., Munro, N. & Galea, R. (2010).

August 2010 – Paper presented at the International Association of Logopaedics and Phoniatrics Biennial Conference, August 2010 Athens, Greece. TICL – The Triad of Success Leading to Positive Outcomes in Language and Pre-Literacy for Children. El – Chouefaiti, N., McCabe, P., Purcell, A., Munro, N. & Galea, R.Journal publication resulting from thesis:

Journal publication resulting from thesis

El-Choueifati, N., Purcell, A., McCabe, P., Munro, N. (In press) Evidence based practice in speech language pathologist training of early childhood professionals, Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention, UK.